Spotlight on the Highlighter!

Spotlight on the Highlighter!

The highlighter or illuminator, call him as you want, is today an essential for a radiant complexion. After a timid start in France, it is now part integral to a successful make-up routine. It is one of the essential steps in making up the complexion.

There are different shapes and textures of highlighter: powder, gel, cream or liquid and the latter will be used to highlight and highlight certain areas of the face to make them appear brighter.

In addition to appearing in different forms and applying to

different areas, it presents itself to you in many colors.
Like a foundation, it is essential to choose the right shade according to the color of your skin. For example, we will use a pink highlighter on fair skin and a more beige highlighter
golden on tanned skin.

Now you are wondering where to apply your highlighter? We has the answer to your question!

Sure the cheekbones to give a natural glow side. The cheekbone reflects light very well.

Sure the brow bone, just under the eyebrow, essential to illuminate the eyes.

Sure the arsummer of the nose to illuminate the central area of your face and also to refine your nose. And as you have probably noticed by now, the nose attracts light.

Finally, put some highlighter on Cupid's bow, the right part above of your upper lip. By opting for this area, you highlight your mouth by making it more beautiful and plump. In addition, it will give your lipstick a boost.

In short, the highlighter is unconditionally the star of vour make-up!