How to choose your lipstick, we tell you everything!

How to choose your lipstick, we tell you everything!

You love lipsticks, you can't do without them and in you always have one with you, we know it!

But among all the shades in your makeup bag, do you know which one looks best orwhat to wear to a party or a job interview ?

Attention ladies, the color of your lipstick speaks for you!

There are many parameters to take into account to choose the right lipstick!

On the side of the tint we must pay attention to his skin tone, for skin mates pink pigments are preferred and for lighter skin tones are preferred nude so as not to give too flashy a rendering on pale skin.

We also do according to the shape of her lips, a dark shade for fuller lips to reduce their curve and a lighter shade for thin lips which will give them volume.

Your age is also a parameter that comes into play, be careful, if you have mature skin, avoid too dark shades that harden your features

Other little tips :
If the night
at short summer, opt for bright colors that will brighten up your face!

If you have yellow teeth, a nice red will do

If you do a lot of makeupyour complexion or your eyes, we do not get carried away the lips and vice versa, but you already knew that!

Find the right shade for the jobone of his event is not easy, so we have a few tips for you girls:

of Nude for an appointmentyou lovers, don't overdo it !

of Red for an evening, it's chic and elegant

of Pink clear to see your beautiful family, it will make you look like a pretty doll.